"You're the last one. I've killed all the others. It'll be easier for you than it was for Jason."
―Pamela Voorhees[src]

Pamela Voorhees (d. June 13, 1980) was the mother of Jason Voorhees and the secondary antagonist of the remake Friday the 13th (2009). Following his apparent drowning in 1980, Pamela went on a killing spree at Camp Crystal Lake, before being killed by a surviving camp counselor.

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Pamela Voorhees beheaded

Pamela Voorhees was the mother of Jason Voorhees. In June, 1980, Pamela went to work as a cook at Camp Crystal Lake. She brought Jason with her and signed him up as a camper. On the 13th, Pamela went on a murderous rampage, accusing the counselors of making love while her son drowned. After killing all the counselors save one, Pamela pursued the surviving girl with a knife, ranting about her murder spree. The desperate girl ended the pursuit by chopping the mad woman's head off with a machete.

Minutes after Pamela's death, Jason, who had not actually drowned, came up to his mother's body. He heard her voice, urging him to continue her work. Jason took his mother's head, the machete that killed her, and a locket containing a picture of himself and Pamela, and took it back with him to the Voorhees house.

In May, 2008, Whitney Miller and Mike found the mummified remains of Pamela's decapitated head in a hole in the bathroom wall in the dilapidated Voorhees house. As Mike pulled the head out and saw it, he dropped it into the sink below the hole in shock and disgust.

Jason kidnapped Whitney Miller after murdering her friends, as she bore a strong physical resemblance to Pamela. Whitney was presented with the locket, eventually figuring out its' meaning. When Whitney's brother Clay came to rescue her in June, the pair defeated Jason and tossed the locket into Crystal Lake with him.[1]

Friday The 13th 2009 - Mrs. Voorhees Death Scene01:26

Friday The 13th 2009 - Mrs. Voorhees Death Scene. HQ

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