Penelope Thawn is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat.

The leader of a cult known as the Redeemers, Penelope and her husband Norwood were serial killers who followed a warped moral code, perceiving themselves as emissaries of God charged with ridding America of sinners. While being chased by the FBI for committing various murders, both Norwood and Penelope search for and encounter Jason, who has just been accidentally released from Crystal Lake, and attempt to befriend him, believing he shares their same moral outlook and beliefs. After Norwood and Penelope offer Jason a girl named Halo Harlan as a "peace offering", Jason, uninterested in the offer of partnership the two make, throws Norwood over an embankment. Although Penelope attempts to appeal to him with the offer of an alliance, Jason kills her by ramming his machete down her throat.