Here are some references to Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th in popular culture.

Television Edit

Family Guy Edit

Jason is a running gag on the animated sitcom Family Guy. In most of his appearances, he kills people on an unusual occasions. He also seems to have several occupations in the town of Quahog, such as: a pastor for a church on Sundays, a department store owner, and occupant of Lake Quahog (Which seems to be a parody of Camp Crystal Lake).

The Simpsons Edit

Jason appears twice on The Simpsons. Once on a Halloween episode with Freddy Krueger, Jason and Freddy are sitting on the Simpsons' couch. Freddy questions where the family is. Jason replies "Ehhh? What are you going to do?". And a second time with Pinhead from "Hellraiser" where they attack Bart Simpson.

South ParkEdit

Jason Voorhees has made a cameo in "Imaginationland Saga".

Movies Edit

Scream Edit

In the film Scream, directed by Freddy Krueger creator Wes Craven, actress Drew Barrymore's character is being stalked by a killer who calls her on her home phone. In order to survive, she must answer the man's trivia questions. One question is "name the killer in Friday the 13th." She incorrectly guesses Jason, who did not become the killer for the franchise until Part 2.

Cursed Edit

In another Wes Craven film, Cursed, a wax sculpture of Jason from Jason Goes to Hell can be seen in a museum.

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