"Why are these people such slobs?"

Russell was a character in the film Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, in which he is portrayed by Larry Cox. A preppy Russell is the boyfriend of Sandra.

He is the 58th victim of Jason Voorhees.



Russell's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

Getting a hold of a cabin belonging to his uncle near Crystal Lake in 2000, Russell and a few others decide to hold a surprise party for their friend Michael there, to celebrate his birthday. Much to Russell's frustrations everyone else proves to rowdy to handle, trashing the place and eating his uncle's food. While out on the lake one night with his girlfriend Russell, when Sandra strips down and goes skinny dipping, starts to undress himself, just as Jason Voorhees appears. Seeing Jason approaching with an axe in hand Russell begins frantically crawling backwards and manages to let out a scream right before Jason splits his face open with the axe. His corpse would later be discovered by Maddy before she was killed by Jason Voorhees and also by Tina Shepard hanging from a tree, when she discovers more of Jason's victims.


Russell's death scene was heavily cut by the MPAA. The original scene showed a jet of blood after being hit by the axe, as well as a scene of him convulsing on the ground with his face split open.