The SS Lazarus was an ocean liner that traveled the Atlantic Ocean and, briefly, Crystal Lake. It was best known for carrying the senior students of a high school class assailed and murdered by Jason Voorhees.

It was commanded by Admiral Robertson. The SS Lazarus was a large vessel which boasted a number of luxury accomodations, including a sauna, boxing ring and dance floor.


The SS Lazarus set sail for New York City with the students Sean Robertson, Julius Gaw, Rennie Wickham, Eva Watanabe, Tamara Mason, Miles Wolfe, Wayne Webber, a boxer, and J.J. Jarrett, as well as a number of unnamed students. Jim Miller and Suzi Donaldson were also due to board the ship, but they were murdered by a resurrected Voorhees the night before the cruise.

Shortly after the cruise began, Voorhees boarded the vessel and proceeded to systematically murder those aboard. As students and crew members died or disappeared, the gradually shrinking group of survivors endeavored to arm themselves and fight back against Voorhees, led by Gaw. Despite their valiant effort, further fatalities followed, leading to Gaw being tossed overboard by Voorhees and the deaths of an unknown number of students and faculty when a recently-arrived storm destroyed the dance floor, where many had congregated and sought shelter from the merciless killer.

Following this destruction, the survivors, including Principal Charles McCulloch, teacher Colleen Van Deusen and a handful of students, abandoned the ship in the lifeboat; they also retrieved Gaw in the process. It is unknown if any living members of the crew or class were left behind on the ship, or the ship's fate following the film; it is believed to have sunk in the tempestuous seas shortly after its abandonment, taking the bodies of many of Voorhees' victims with it to the ocean floor. [1]

Crew and Passenger ManifestEdit

The following is a list of crew members and passengers that were aboard the SS Lazarus during its final voyage. Note that, due to many characters being unnamed and a full headcount of those on board either in the capacity of passengers or crew never being given, this list is by its very nature incomplete.

  1. Admiral Robertson (Deceased)
  2. Chief Engineer Jim Carlson (Deceased)
  3. Sean Robertson
  4. Rennie Wickham (Deceased in the comics)
  5. Toby
  6. Charles McCulloch (Deceased)
  7. Colleen Van Deusen (Deceased)
  8. Tamara Mason (Deceased)
  9. Eva Watanabe (Deceased)
  10. J.J. Jarrett (Deceased)
  11. Julius Gaw (Deceased)
  12. Wayne Webber (Deceased)
  13. A crew member (Deceased)
  14. Miles Wolfe (Deceased)
  15. Deck hand (Deceased)
  16. Boxer (Deceased)
  17. Jason Voorhees (Deceased)


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