The SS Lazarus was an ocean liner that traveled the Atlantic Ocean. It was best known for carrying the senior students of a High School class assailed and murdered by Jason Voorhees.

It was commanded by Admiral Robertson. The SS Lazarus had many decks and cabins and looked to be very comfortable.


The ship set sail for New York City with the students Sean Robertson, Julius Gaw, Rennie Wickham, Eva Watanabe, Tamara Mason, Miles Wolfe, Wayne Webber, a boxer, and J.J. Jarrett. Jim Miller and Suzi Donaldson didn't go on it due to being killed by Jason in Crystal Lake. The ship's downfall came when Jason Voorhees boarded and murdered most of the students. The ship began to sink after Jason murdered the would-be film student Wayne Webber and tossed his body down onto some of the ship's vital electrics causing fires and shorts in the wiring. As a result, it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. This ship at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean is the final resting place of Miles Wolfe, Eva Watanabe, the deck hand, a boxer that Julius fought earlier, Wayne Webber, a crew member he did not mean to kill, Jim Carlson, Tamara Mason, Admiral Robertson, and J.J. Jarret.[1]

  1. Admiral Robertson (Deceased)
  2. Chief Engineer Jim Carlson (Deceased)
  3. Sean Robertson
  4. Rennie Wickham
  5. Toby
  6. Charles McCulloch (Deceased)
  7. Colleen Van Deusen (Deceased)
  8. Tamara Mason (Deceased)
  9. Eva Watanabe (Deceased)
  10. J.J. Jarrett (Deceased)
  11. Julius Gaw (Deceased)
  12. Wayne Webber (Deceased)
  13. A crew member (Deceased)
  14. Miles Wolfe (Deceased)
  15. Deck hand (Deceased)
  16. Boxer (Deceased)
  17. Jason Voorhees


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