Warning! The Character article you are divolging is not of the Friday the 13th actual verse but a tribute displayed on a documentary.

Scream Queen is a meta-character who appears in the 2009 documentary His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th.

She is a tribunal character stalked by an imitated Jason Voorhees through the supposed Crystal Lake wilderness.

She was portrayed by Elissa Dowling.


The tribute character known as Scream Queen by host and Jason Voorhees special effects master Tom Savini is a seemingly helpless black haired youthful women being pursued by the intimitation Jason across Crystal Lake.

She encounters purpose references to the series such as the bodies of two of her friends one an obese woman with a banana suffed down her throat and a the decaptitated head of Pamela Voorhees on a cabin stump surrounded by Candals.

She in the ending is caught up with by Jason and is only shown in the Feature Presentation sequence of the 12 part documentary.