Sheriff Ed Landis appeared in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. He is played by Billy Green Bush.

Landis is first shown as being the apparent partner to Diana Kimble as well as being the town sheriff.

When Landis first shows up, he imprisons bounty hunter Creighton Duke for harassing Diana, only to be shooed off by Diana when he attempts to comfort her.

Landis appears again after Diana is murdered by Jason Voorhees and her daughter Jessica approaches him for Steven Freeman apparently killing Robert Campbell, who was possessed by Jason. Landis orders an officer to find Jessica's daughter Stephanie when he spots Jason attempting to possess Jessica.

Landis tries to prevent Jason from attacking any further, but Jason gives him a sharp blow to the face, causing a nosebleed and knocking him unconscious.

Landis appears for the final time when he finds Jessica and attempts to make let go of a dagger given by Duke in order to kill Jason. However, before he reach the dagger, Randy Parker barges in and holds Ed at gunpoint, demanding him to release her, which he obliges.

Jessica, now unsure of who is possessed, holds her ground, but when she looks at Randy, Landis tries to reach her, only to be stabbed in the chest by a reflex. Landis ultimately dies from his wound and is also proven not to be possessed.