"I think I hear somebody fooling around out there."
―Sissy Baker to Paula (final line)[src]

Sissy Baker was a character in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

She is Jason Voorhees' 49th victim.


Sissy was another counselor and Megan Garris, Paula and Cort's friend. She was seen with the gang as they reported supervisors Darren and Lizbeth as missing and she was not really ready to take on the responsibility of being a camp counselor all by herself. She is also familiar with the legend of Jason Voorhees and "Camp Blood". She joked that she would rather deal with Jason rather than the kid campers.

Then later, she tried to play cards with Paula then came up with a really great game called "Camp Blood" and then agreed to Paula that if Sheriff Garris can't find anything about what happened to Darren and Lizbeth, they'll choose to send all the kids home. Later she heard some noise and then Paula suggested that it was Cort messing with them, so Sissy poured soda on what she though was Cort. She then screams in horror and is quickly abducted as soon as Jason pops out and grabs her from the window, leaving only her bunny slippers behind. Jason then proceeds to twists her head all around her body and tear it off, decapitating her. Paula, thinking that her friends are playing around just says "Guys, try not to wake the kids". Jason then carried her headless corpse away before killing Paula. Hours later, Megan Garris found her decapitated head in a police car.

Trivia Edit

  • Her death is ranked #7 in's Top 10 Brutal Jason Voorhees Kills.
  • Sissy was the fifth African-American victim of the franchise and the second that was female, Ali in Part 3 was the first male victim. However she is the second African-American female to be killed by Jason, after Fox in Part 3. Anita along with the other two African American victims in A New Beginning (Part 5) were all killed by Roy.
  • Her death is the golden chainsaw in dead meat‘s kill count