Name: Springwood
Area of Use:

1428 Elm Street
Springwood Police Department Station,
Miller's Farm,
Davis Residence,
Springwood High School,
Westin Hills Psychiatric Asylum

Land Ohio
Bodycount of Jason 16
First Appearance: Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

Springwood, Ohio is a fictional town that is the site of many of the murderous sprees of the serial killer Freddy Krueger, as well as a one-time murder spree in 2003 by Jason Voorhees that was entirely atttributed to Mr. Krueger due to his long bloody past with the population's children. It is one of the two main settings of the movie Freddy vs Jason, alongside the homesite of the Voorhees family, Crystal Lake.

  1. Lori Campbell
  2. Will Rollins
  3. Bill Freeburg (Deceased)
  4. Charlie Linderman (Deceased)
  5. Kia Waterson (Deceased)
  6. Gibb Smith (Deceased)
  7. Mark Davis (Deceased)
  8. Bobby Davis (Deceased)
  9. Mrs. Campbell (Deceased)
  10. Dr. Campbell
  11. Deputy Scott Stubbs (Deceased)
  12. Sheriff Williams
  13. Deputy Goodman
  14. Kinsey Park
  15. Westin Hills Guard (Deceased)
  16. Principal Shaye
  17. Shack (Deceased)
  18. Teammate (Deceased)
  19. Frisell (Deceased)
  20. 6 ravers (Deceased)
  21. Trey Cooper (Deceased)
  22. Blake Mueller (Deceased)
  23. Mr. Mueller (Deceased)
  24. Heather (Deceased)
  25. Freddy Krueger (Deceased)
  26. Jason Voorhees

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