Tamara Mason is one of the 2 secondary antagonists of the 1989 slasher film Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. She is the rival of Rennie Wickham and a victim of Jason Voorhees.


Tamara Mason attended Lakeview High School located near Camp Crystal Lake, She and her fellow graduating students boarded the S.S. Lazarus with her best friend Eva Watanabe who is kind, sweet and adorable. She was even voted prom queen. Unlike Eva, she was selfish, arrogant, and manipulative witch willing to do anything to get what she wanted from people, including blackmail and hurting innocent people.

She first appeared in the roof of the boxing room watching Julius fighting another student. She convinced Eva that he would be the only senior she would do, then spotted a hot guy and started flirting with him.

Later she and Eva were at the ship's basement and she tried to share a piece of cocaine to her. Eva was worried that she might get caught and Tamara was not even worried. Then they were caught by Charles McCulloch and he assisted that he will be coming around later on to see her final biology project or else she would be staying on this boat. She blamed Rennie for his bad attitude and noticed that she is a tiny bit afraid of the water.

Then later when Rennie and Colleen were talking to each other Tamara came in and pushed her overboard and Eva ditched her.

Then when Charles came for her project, she had a more sexual project for him and got Wayne to video tape the whole thing and she lost her privilege of going to New York and then Wayne tried to ask her out, but rejected him.

8-5-tamara-stabbed-with-mirror-glass 528 poster

Tamara's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees.

Tamara then returned to her room and took a shower to wash the paint off of her. After finishing, she looked out of her door and saw Jason approaching and she closed the door, only for Jason to break through. Jason bashed the mirror with his fist, shattering it into shards. Bloody and disoriented, Tamara scampered into a corner, cowering in fear and covering herself with a towel. Jason then grabs sharp shards of the mirror and stabs Tamara to death.

Later, Eva finds her corpse in the bathroom with several shards of glass embedded in her lifeless body.

The bodies of her, Wayne Webber, a crew member Wayne Webber did not mean to kill, a boxer, Jim Carlson, Miles Wolfe, Admiral Robertson, Eva Watanabe, J.J. Jarrett, and the deck hand will be on the S.S. Lazarus at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean Forever.

She is the 73rd victim of Jason Voorhees.