"Jason, mother is talking to you! Come closer, put the weapon down. That's it, my good boy, that's my good Jason." - Tiffany with Pamela's sweater to Jason.


Tiffany Cox is one of the Counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game, and is nicknamed "The Flirty Girl". She can be unlocked at Level 18. She is shown to have high stealth and stamina, with low repair and low strength.

 Character Stats Edit

  • Composure 3/10 - Reduces the rate that fear increases and makes it easier to break free from Jason's grab.  
  • Luck 4/10 - Increases weapon durability and gives minor increases to many other stats.
  • Repair 1/10- Reduces time spent to repair.
  • Speed 6/10- Increases overall speed.
  • Stamina 9/10- Increases the amount of time you have to run.
  • Stealth 10/10- Decreases the ability of Jason tracking you.
  • Strength 2/10- Increases power of weaponry to knock off Jason's mask and increases grip escape.


  • In September of 2017, in the Pax West convention. It was confirmed by one of the people who work at Gun Media (Robbie Hobbs) that Tiffany was based off of Tina and Terri Moore from Part IV.[1]
  • During the 2016 holiday beta she was the "default victim", being killed by Jason in-cutscene at the start of each game (despite still being a playable character in the match).
  • One of her possible outfit tops has the word Muffin on it. Muffin was the name of Terry McCarthy's dog from Part II.