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Tina was a character in the film Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. She was the twin sister of Terri who joins the teens in the house next door to the Jarvis House.

She is the 31st victim of Jason Voorhees.


Tina was seen bike riding with her sister Terri and meets The Teens and then Doug asked them where's Crystal Point and they answered "Well that's where we're going" and Terri warned them it's a long walk and they can take it.

Later, they both were in the house and Tina was hanging out with Ted and while her sister was dancing with Jimmy and she got bored with him. She quickly made advances on Paul, either to make Ted jealous or just to steal him from Samantha. She was rejected by him and left. Terri told her to move on to the next one and she moved to Jimmy and then they went upstairs and had sex.


Tina's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees.

Terri said it was time for them to go and she refused to and continued and when they were done, she left to go freshen up and when she came back Jimmy was gone. She looked around the house looking for him and looked outside the window and notice that Terri's bike was still here, and she looked around the window looking for Terri and could not find her, then Jason crashed in and threw her out the window and landed to a car. Later, Trish Jarvis finds Tina's body at the front door when she tries to escape from Jason and runs in a different direction.



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