Tom Sheridan is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat.

A marketing executive in his mid-twenties, Tom achieved considerable success in his company after an unexpected promotion at work, but soon finds himself becoming disillusioned with his lifestyle due to the jealousy of his former best friend at his promotion, to the point that he is involved in a meaningless relationship with his secretary that has only continued because he has no idea how to end it.

While on a company retreat to the Phoenix Heights Hotel- built in an attempt to revitalise the tourist industry in the former Crystal Lake area-, Tom briefly encounters Halo Harlan and her friends while they are on their own trip, helping them after a near-collision. Halo later appears at the Phoenix Heights Hotel, the rest of her friends murdered by the recently-revived Jason Voorhees and Halo convinced that her sister Shelly, who works at the hotel, has been killed by another pair of serial killers. Disgusted at his colleagues' desire to continue their party despite Halo's distress, Tom helps her investigate her sister's possible death, and thus escapes Jason's assault on the hotel when he enters via the conference room where the party was taking place. Although Jason's rampage starts a fire that burns down the hotel and kills most of his colleages, Tom manages to escape Jason with the loss of only three fingers on his left hand, as he was able to deflect Jason's initial blow long enough for Halo to lure Jason to the roof, Tom returning the favour by catching Halo when she charges Jason off the hotel. Although Tom is last shown in hospital recovering from his injuries, the novel ends with the suggestion that he and Halo will begin a relationship.