Trent Sutton is a character in the Friday the 13th remake, in which he is portrayed by Travis Van Winkle. He invites his girlfriend Jenna and five other friends: Chewie, Nolan, Bree, Lawrence, and Chelsea to stay at his parents' cabin near Camp Crystal Lake, where he and his entire group would later be completely slaughtered by Jason Voorhees. His goal for the weekend is to hookup with Jenna but is seduced by her best friend Bree where they make a sex tape.


Trent is a snobbish rich kid who loves to show off his wealth. He's also bad tempered and sarcastic. In 2008, he invites his girlfriend and a couple of friends to stay at his parents cabin. His goal for the weekend is to hook up with his girlfriend Jenna. On their way there, they stop by a gas station to get gas and other things. While waiting in line, Clay Miller was in front of him asking the owner if he has seen his sister. Trent begins to grow impatience and begins to argue with Clay as he doesn't want anything to do with him or his sister. His girlfriend, Jenna tells him to stop.

When they got to the cabin, he allows his friends to do whatever they want. Meanwhile, Clay stops by Trent's cabin and asks Jenna if she's seen his sister. Jenna tells him to come in and he does. When Trent notices Clay inside his cabin, he tells him to leave which leads them to another argument. As Jenna offers to help Clay find his sister, her best friend Bree offers Trent the can of beer she offered Clay, unaware that she is trying to seduce him. Later that day, Trent teams with Bree to play beer pong against Chewie and Lawrence, with Trent and Bree losing. As the day turns to night and Trent who has turned down Bree's attempts to sleep with him, is growing frustrated, convinced that Jenna is sleeping with Clay. When Chewie accidentally beaks a chair while attempting to drink a flaming drink with Bree, he yells at Chewie for his behavior and sends Chewie out to shed to fix the chair. As this is going on, a slightly intoxicated Bree walks up to Trent pulling on his shirt seduces Trent by telling him, "forget it about it, he'll fix it. Now let's go finish this." Trent, without saying a word and knowing what she wants, smiles as he lets her grab his hand and leads him to the master bedroom. On their way to the bedroom Trent grabs a few condoms and they then lock the door for privacy. Once inside Bree begins to aggressively kiss Trent while pulling off his button up shirt. Bree then pushes Trent onto the bed causing him to laugh as she takes off her top, which exposes her breasts being contained by her pink bra. Bree the mounts Trent the leans up to kiss Bree but she pushes him back on the bed as Bree starts to remove her bra while licking her teeth as she tosses her pink bra at Trent. Surprised by how big Bree's breasts are, he tells her "that your tits are stupendous" as he pushes them together. Trent rises up to kiss her but Bree pushes him down again and kisses him. She then stops and leans up and starts to remove his belt as he urged her that "they can go" which causes her to laugh. After all their clothes are removed, Trent decides not to use a condom while Bree hooks up her camera to Trent's flatscreen and turns on the overhead fan as they both decide to have sex over the covers since it's too hot to be underneath them. Trent and Bree begin to have sex as she pushes him down while moaning. Trent, who is enjoying being inside Jenna's best friend and is still enthralled by her breasts, starts to grab both of her breasts and tells her that they are "juicy". As she continues to ride him, Trent tells Bree that she had "perfect nipple placement" as he moves his hands from her breasts to her hips. Trent, despite the possibility of getting Bree pregnant is more concerned about the sex session ending up on the Internet, warns Bree about that possibility but is laughed off by her. Bree then decides to ride Trent harder causing the pleasure that the both of them experiencing to intensify as they both moan louder, with each bounce on Trent causing her breasts to bounce all over. Trent, who is loving every minute of it tells Bree that her breasts can "win in a fucking titty contest" as they both moan loudly as Bree whips her hair out the way to smile at Trent. Unknown to them Jenna has returned and is told by Lawrence that Trent and Bree are together in the bedroom. As Jenna heads upstairs she can hear her boyfriend's and best friend's moans despite the music. As she knocks Trent and Bree are caught off guard by her sudden return. Trent, who is shocked by her sudden return doesn't believe her and thinks that Jenna and the others are messing with them as Bree continues to ride and paw over his hair, face and chest. Trent yells at Jenna to leave them alone and Bree decides to lean down and Trent sees this and opens his mouth as both of their tounges meet. Jenna continues to pounds on the door until Trent tells her that "we're busy in here baby" while Bree lets out a laugh about it. Trent and Bree continue to kiss passionately as he wraps one arm around her as Trent thrusts hard into Bree as she presses her big breasts onto his chest as she moves up and down with his thrusting as they moan. Minutes later she is back on top riding Trent very hard and has dropped the camera onto the bed, now just focusing on having very enthusiastic sex. They both moan very loudly not caring who hears them. Trent at this point thrusts into Bree at the same time causing him great pleasure as he looks on as Bree moans. Unknown to the lovers, Jason is watching their show through a window and is prepared to kill them when he sees the light on in the shed and proceeds to murder Chewie. As Trent and Bree continue to have sex, Whitney escapes from her imprisonment. As Whitney escapes from captivity Bree tells Trent that she is nearing orgasm and Trent asks her if it's true she responds by say "yeah" in which he can feel his approaching by telling her he has "8 second" left and intends to pull out. Bree is riding Trent furiously as her breasts bounce on his chest causing him to moan and as she lifts up, he tries to grab her left breast as it bounces around but misses because of the bouncing. Trent grabs it on the second attempt as she moans loudly. Feeling that he is about to explode and wants to pull out, warns Bree that he is going to come. Bree, who wants to have a mutual orgasm just rides Trent harder leaving Trent with little choice but to cum in her. Trent grabs Bree's hips and lifts his as he explodes into her as she arches back and scratches his chest as his load enters her, causing Bree to orgasm herself. Meanwhile Whitney reaches their window but Trent and Bree can't hear her pounding due to their orgasmic moans. Jason then captures Whitney as she watches both finish their orgasms. After they are finished, Bree flops down onto Trent with her breasts in Trent's face as he licks them causing her to giggle. He then slaps her on the butt so she can roll off. Trent starts to breath and gasp heavily as she rolls next to him. Trent then rests his hand near her vagina. Trent, who who completely empties himself into Bree, cheers as she arches her back as her breasts bounce once more. Trent who is completely exhausted from sex, just lays in the bed gasping as his new girlfriend who is going through the same motions, moves her long blonde hair out the ways as she turns over onto her side and rests one of her breasts on his chest as she wraps a arm around him as they cuddle. As they both breath heavily and cuddle, Trent begins to describe how awesome the sex was until Bree cuts him off and says "stupendous?" to which he laughs and tells Bree "to say the least" as they both laugh out of pure ecstasy. As the two get dressed he is dressed in the clothes he wore before sex while she is dressed in only her underwear and a yellow dress shirt, apparently ready for round two. As they come down as now boyfriend and girlfriend he's angry to see Clay inside his house and at Jenna for helping Clay behind his back. Trent accuses Jenna of sleeping with Clay, despite he was the one actually cheating. Clay tries to warn Trent about Jason Voorhees, but he doesn't believe him until he hears Lawrence getting killed by Jason. Trent then freaks out, runs upstairs and gets out a gun, a SIG-Sauer P226, from his closet. While he was upstairs, he accidentally shoots Bree's dead body. Clay and Jenna run out of the cabin while Trent was trying to call the cops. Trent tells Jenna to run with him, but she refuses and decides to help Clay find Whitney. While he was running he gets to on an open road and he almost gets run over by a truck. The man in the truck offers to give him a lift. At first, Trent is suspicious; but when he sees the man's face, he changes his mind. However Jason appears behind him and stabs him through the back. The driver sees this and so he tries to start his truck. Jason then impales Trent on a rail spike on the back of the truck. The man drives off in terror with Trent's dangling body behind him.
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Trent's death due to Jason Voorhees.

Friday the 13th (2009) - Trent's Scream and Death02:42

Friday the 13th (2009) - Trent's Scream and Death


"Your tits are stupendous" (to Bree while he grabs them)

"Your tits are just so fucking...juicy dude"

"You got perfect nipple placement baby!"

"This better not go on the fucking internet" ( To Bree as she is filming themselves having sex)

"These could win in a fucking titty contest"

"Fuck off"

"They're just messing with us. Ignore them."

"We're busy in here baby"


"I got eight second and I am going." (Trent indicating he is about to orgasm."

"I'm close too." (Trent responding to Bree who is about to reach her orgasm. Theatrical version)

"I'm about to go. I'm going." (Trent telling Bree he is going cum any second)

"Oh baby. That...was...say the least yeah. (To Bree as they cuddle together after sex)

"Where the fuck are you gun"


  • Travis Van Winkle also portays his character in Transformers which Michael Bay directed.




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