Trevor "Crutch" Crutchfield was the engineer aboard the Grendel. He was involved in Jason Voorhees' attack aboard the ship, eventually becoming one of his victims. He is portrayed by Phillip Williams.


Early lifeEdit

Crutch's background is unknown, except he was part in the "Microsoft Conflict" in which the people attack each other with their own severed limbs.

Aboard The GrendelEdit

Crutch was soon hired as an engineer aboard the Grendel, along with professor Lowe, intern Adrienne, pilot Lou, grunts Kicker, Sven, Condor, Briggs, Geko and Dallas, and sergeant Brodski. He was on a field trip with students, Azrael, Stoney, Kinsa, Janessa, Waylander and Tsunaron, along with android KM-14.

Jason Voorhees' attackEdit

After the trip, Lowe, Lou, Kicker, Tsunaron, Janessa, Azrael and Kay-Em came onto the ship and brought on Jason Voorhees and a woman named Rowan. He was first seen asleep on the bridge and was woken up by Brodski and ordered to prepare the shuttle docking and power the Grendel's lab up. He is next seen in his lab and was about to be killed by Jason until Brodski, Kicker and Condor started shooting him, saving Crutch's life. Soon, after the deaths of Adrienne, Stoney, Azrael, Dallas, Sven, Condor, Geko, Kicker and Briggs, Crutch set off to lab 1 with the others. When the Grendel was about to dock with Solaris, Jason appears and butchers Lou, crashing into Solaris and killing everyone onboard, including Dieter Perez, Lowe's financial backer. The group plans to wait for another ship until Jason appears again and kills Lowe while Crutch and the others escape. The group then plan to use the shuttle to escape, Crutch goes with Waylander to the ship's bridge to start the shuttle, finding Lou's remains in the process.


Crutch starts preparing the shuttle until Rowan reveals that Brodski is still alive, but cannot move him. Waylander leaves Crutch to help Rowan. While Crutch is preparing the shuttle, he spots Lowe's head next to him. He warns the others, but Jason grabs him and shoves him into a nearby electric box, electrocuting him to death. His screams during his death are heard by the others, frightening Kinsa, thereby causing her suicide.

Trivia Edit

  • He is Jason Voorhees' 129th victim.