Über Jason is an upgraded, more advanced, and futuristic prototype of Jason Voorhees. He is played by Kane Hodder.


Über Jason makes his first appearance in the climax of Jason X. The survivors aboard Earth II think that Jason is dead and set explosive charges to separate the remaining pontoon from the main drive section. As they work, Jason is accidentally brought back to life by the damaged medical station, rebuilt as a more powerful cyborg: Uber Jason.

Jason easily defeats KM-14 by punching her head off. As Tsunaron picks up her still functioning head, Jason attacks them, but is stopped by Waylander, who sacrifices himself by setting off the charges while the others escape. Jason survives and is blown back onto the shuttle. He punches a hole through the hull, blowing out Janessa. A power failure with the docking door forces Brodski to go EVA to fix it.

Meanwhile, a hard light holographic simulation of Crystal Lake is created to distract Uber Jason, but he sees through the deception just as the door is fixed. Brodski confronts Uber Jason so the rest can escape. As they leave, the pontoon explodes, propelling Jason at high-speed towards the survivors, however, Brodski intercepts Jason in mid-flight and maneuvers them both into the atmosphere of Earth Two, incinerating them. Tsunaron assures KM-14 that he will build a new body for her.

He later appears in two comics but the comics are non canon to the film.

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  • Über Jason doesn't have a face under his mask. If he did, it wouldn't fit in his mask. Kane Hodder just had contacts that match his eyes put in. That way the mask could hide Hodder's face while filming the movie.

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