Alright, So far, In the Decades, People were curious if there was going to be a Jason Voorhees figure out of either Mega Bloks or Lego. It is possible that we have some proof of a new figure. has a lego Machete & there has been photos of Decals of Jason Voorhees from F13 years 1980-2009 in Lego on Google Images. As always, some say Lego can't do Friday the 13th out of Lego because that they do it only for Kids movies (That is a lie because they did Lego Lord of the Rings & yet, the Triogy is rated PG-13, In fact, LOTR wasn't even supossed to make it out of Lego, because of the fact that they didn't want Kids going to see that movie & only Teens & Adults want to see it, so as proof, they lied to all of us). So if Lego can't do it, there is Mega Bloks that can do it, besides, they did Mega Bloks Halo, so maybe they can do after all, if you want, we want your answers down at the comments below & vote which one can do it. Do you know? then be my guest to Vote!

Which one do you vote?

The poll was created at 13:28 on October 8, 2012, and so far 12 people voted.

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