Jason's journey through hell
this story begins where jason goes to hell left off , jason is dragged in to hell , and , upon landing in hell , is attacked by a trio of demons , which he promptly defeats , and he realizes where he's at , so he decides to travel to the palace of satan , and he fights alot of demons and damned humans along the way , the 1st of these enemies is private gurnley , who used to be a cop who beat any1 who had drugs on them , whether they were illegal or not , eventually , the people he beat rose up and mauled him to death , despite this , the death was seen as manslaughter by the authorities , jason defeats him by impaling him on a nearby stalagmite , the next enemy he fights is the torturemaster , a demon who's in charge of breaking the spirits of the souls in hell , jason defeats him by tossing him into a nearby fire , next , jason comes across 8th lock , a prison in hell holding the biggest evils in the underworld , and he fights 2 of the prison guards and promptly defeats them , then he comes across a nerdy fan of his who became victim of his antics yet remained loyal until the very end , commiting suicide just to follow him to hell , jason is annoyed by him , and he slices his head off , impales it on a nearby stalagmite , and tosses his headless corpse into a nearby fire , then he faces rock n. roll , a rock star who killed himself by turning his music up super loud , jason defeats him by bashing him with his guitar , then finally , after all these battles and obstacles , jason makes it to the palace of satan himself , 1st asking him to answer the door , but after getting no answer , smashes the door down and calls him out , then the palace guards appear and attack him , but are easily defeated , then jason travels down the hall to the throne room and breaks the door down , and satn greets him , saying "welcome jason to my domain it's nice to be called on by so many names , now what's this i hear about you kicking my ass" then satan rises from his throne and fights jason , eventually being defeated as jason disarms him and slices his head off , claiming victory , and allowing him to conquer hell 

alternate ending : 

Jason's journey through hell with alternate ending
satan rises from his throne and fights jason , disarming him , but eventually being defeated as jason summons 1 of his demons to maul the demon to death , allowing jason to conquer hell

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