• Gojirules54

    i got anger and vengance flowing through my veins i got smashed up , hacked up , and soiled brains i'm jason voorhees jason voorhees i got a machete as sharp as sharp can get and a hockey mask that's hard to have met

    teens must die teens must die teens must die teens must DIIIIIIIE

    we were all put on this earth to suffer we each have our own private pain we must pass this pain onto our brother a never ending cycle starts again

    you can't kill me you won't break me you can't kill me you won't break me

    chain me beat me cut me kick me whip me strip me burn me eat me

    you'll just make me angrierrrrrr

    i came to this land to get my revenge on all those who caused me grief

    i'm jason voorhees jason voorhees

    it all went so great for the moment but then i met…

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  • Gojirules54

    jason's song

    December 1, 2013 by Gojirules54

    Ahhh.. Now that the power of immortality is in my grasp , these people will never get me down no matter what they throw at me And you know While I was sitting on the toilet last night I thought up this little ditty and I thought you guys might wanna play it for me But anyways , I guess you furballs have never heard of me , my name is jason voorhees and i can out-fight, out-fuck , and out-kill any lame-ass motherfuckin' murderers cuz I am jason voorhees , and i come from beyond springwood , beyond ohio , and that's way past pennsylvania buddy and i come to this place with a mission , and that mission is to make these teenagers change their ways and give up on their teenage lifestyles and that means no more indoor drunken hangouts , or alcoh…

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