Vicki is a character in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, played by Allison Smith.

A waitress in Joey B.'s, Vicki is a friend to Randy Parker, Steven Freeman, and Jessica Kimble. She is outspoken, calling the "Jason is dead" burger and side sale sick and sharply criticizing Joey B. for only closing the diner until noon out of respect for murdered waitress Diana Kimble. She attempted to clean the bloodstains out of Kimble's carpet before her daughter arrived, and was startled by the appearance of Stephanie Kimble, Jessica's daughter by Steven -- and had the unenviable task of telling Jessica that Steven had been arrested on suspicion of murdering DIana.

She offered to babysit Stephanie for Jessica (joking about feeding her two bottles before giving her hard liquor at dinnertime), and brought the baby to the diner, where Jason Voorhees came for her in the body of Robert Campbell. During the fight against Voorhees, Vicki fired at him with a Spanish Zabala double-barrelled shotgun, accidentally killing one of the diner's patrons in the process. She was impaled by Robert/Jason and had her head crushed with his hands, but not before cursing him to hell with her last words.

She is Jason's 107th victim.

Victims Edit

  • Blue diner patron: Shot with shotgun (Accident)

Behind the Scenes Edit

The script describes Vicki as being in her 20s. In a deleted scene, she, Randy, and Steven hang out in the diner while Steven -- on learning that Vicki had never made a prank call -- makes a prank call offering to sell her services as a prostitute for a pizza. In another deleted scene, Vicki plays with Stephanie at her house before joking with her boyfriend about where babies come from, then leaves for work; Vicki's boyfriend is then murdered by Jason Voorhees in Josh's body.