The Voorhees house (remake timeline) was the house of Pamela Voorhees.


Pamela Voorhees, after taking up a job at Camp Crystal Lake in 1978 (bringing her deformed son, Jason, with her), built a house near the camp grounds. The house resembled the nearby cabins, allowing it to fit well into the campsite's rustic appearance. After her killing rampage in retaliation for the supposed drowning of Jason on Friday June 13th, 1980, she was killed by the final surviving counselor, a young blonde girl. The terrified girl chopped off Pamela's head before fleeing, sobbing as she went. Soon after, the very much alive Jason rose from the bushes (were he had watched his mother's death) and took her head back to the house. Jason stayed there for years, even after the camp was closed and abandoned. The house would go with little repair, and become a derelict, covered with cobwebs and dust. The broken floorboards became part of Jason's tunnel system, a large underground den that Jason used to store his victims bodies. Eventually, his one live victim, Whitney Miller, would be chained under the house.

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