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Wade's death at the hands of Jason Voorhees

Wade is a character the Friday the 13th reboot, in which he is portrayed by Jonathan Sadowski. A geek with a love for electronics Wade's skill with them balances between adept and inept.

Biography Edit

Hearing from a secondhand source about a large amount of wild marijuana growing in the woods around Crystal Lake, Wade convinces his friends Richie, Amanda, Mike and Whitney Miller to go with him to harvest the weed for profit. Hiking to Crystal Lake in 2008, Wade misreads his GPS and winds up getting lost, forcing him and his friends to set up camp in a small clearing near the abandoned Camp Crystal Lake for the night. Spotting the ruins of the old summer camp, Wade tells his friends the story of Pamela and Jason Voorhees around the campfire. He finishes the story saying that some people believe Jason witnessed his mother being beheaded during her rampage, and that he still lives in the woods. [1]

Wade death2

Wade's corpse

When Whitney and Mike go off for a walk, Wade corrects the mistake he made with the GPS and realizes the marijuana is only about a half-mile away. Excitedly, he tells Richie about it, not realizing that Richie is more interested in Amanda, who is stripping behind Wade. As Wade rambles on about the wonders of technology, he realizes Richie and Amanda want to be alone, so he goes off for a walk, and takes a glowstick and an iPod with him. Stopping to urinate, Wade stumbles across the weed growth. Ecstatic as he examines the weed, Wade spots Jason Voorhees nearby. Panicking at the sight of the killer, Wade backs into a tree before Jason kills him with his machete, taking off the entire side of Wade's head. Wade's body is later found by Richie and disposed of by Jason.

He is the 1st victim of the reboot Jason. If one ties this to the original, then he would be Jason's 153rd victim overall.

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  • Friday the 13th (2009)

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