Walter Hobb is a character in the novel Friday the 13th: Church of the Divine Psychopath.

An operative for a government black ops group simply referred to as The Agency, Walter is demoted by his superiors after two of his fellow operatives are killed in a raid at a meth lab, which also results in Walter receiving an injury to his eye after being struck with a nail-studded baseball bat.

Despite being pressured by his wife Lauren to quit working for The Agency, Walter keeps his job, eventually being assigned to work with a group of other operatives who are being sent out to find and destroy Jason Voorhees, in a mission Walter views as little more than a snipe hunt. While at Camp Crystal Lake, Walter and his companions find themselves fighting not only Jason, but a cult calling itself The Ministry of the Heavenly Vessel, which has dedicated itself to worshipping and protecting Jason.

Eventually, Walter and a woman named Kelly Mills are the only survivors at Camp Crystal Lake, Walter's fellow operatives and the cultists having died either at the hands of each other or Jason. Wanting to destroy Jason once and for all, Walter, arming himself with a pair of Milkor grenade launchers, battles Jason in the main cabin of the camp. Successfully blowing Jason apart with grenades, Walter collects what is left of him before leaving the camp with Kelly in a semi-functional LAV.

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